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Lola Rock loves sweets, stories, and passport stamps (in that order). Her books can’t decide if they want to be hilarious or heart-wrenching, but they promise to keep you up all night.

Currently writing whychoose romance, omegaverse & PNR


Will there be more books in the Pack Darling Series?

You can find Marisol’s story in Redfang Royal.

There are a few more packs I’d like you to meet, but I’m going to genre hop to something else first.

Where can I read Orion's Awakening novella?

All ebooks are available in the Lola Rock Shop:

Orion's Awakening

Will Pack Darling be available in Audiobook?

Both volumes are available through Audible:

🎧: Part One | Part Two

Redfang Royal will also be narrated by the fantastic Kelsey & Troy – release date TBA

Who designs your covers?

I designed the Pack Darling covers and currently DIY the graphic design for most of my stickers + merch.

Do you have advice for aspiring authors?

Do whatever you want! What worked for someone else won’t work for you, and as much as it’ll help to learn the “rules” of writing and publishing, the best thing you can do is go for it and fail. Learn to trust your own authority, develop your own style, and focus on growing instead of being perfect or following someone else’s playbook.


The Smut & Spice Podcast, Episode 31 – An Interview with Lola Rock (Spotify | Overcast | Apple)